Write Your Own Case Studies Digital Workbook

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If you’re ready to start using case studies in your business and want to learn how to create them yourself, the Write Your Own Case Studies Workbook is for you!

This 33-page digital workbook teaches you how to write your own one-page case studies step-by-step through easy-to-follow formulas and interactive worksheets.

You'll learn:
* How to select the best client or clients to feature in your case studies
* Exactly what to say to get their buy-in
* The seven juiciest questions to ask when you speak to them about their experience with your work
* How to pull out the best points to feature in your case study
* The seven key parts of an effective one-page case study
* ...and exactly how to write each part!

You’ll also receive three professionally designed templates you can input your copy into when you’ve finished writing so that you can start sending your case study to potential new clients right away.

Other features include:
* Plug-and-play formulas that make writing your headlines and call-to-actions (CTAs) a breeze
* Step-by-step instruction for turning your notes into compelling copy
* Interactive worksheets that allow you to build your case study piece by piece as you go through the workbook
* Three fully finished case study examples to refer to whenever you wish

This is an intuitive and easy-to-implement workbook for ANYONE — writers and non-writers alike.

PLEASE NOTE: The Write Your Own Case Studies Digital Workbook and included design templates can ONLY be opened and used in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Opening the files in other programs may damage them and the interactive magic may not function correctly.

To download Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader go to https://get.adobe.com/reader/

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